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A week to learn to enjoy a healthier life

Take a holiday to take care of your own health


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Your Health Potential

Develop your health potential with the best specialists in beautiful Mallorca, the healthy island. Your self-knowledge and a complete set of previous tests, will help our specialists to establish your health strengths and weaknesses, that is to say...your health capital.

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Improve your health

Check out how your health improves inside and out, through medical test and complete medical talk and check up. A blood test, together with the health evaluation by a physician and a nutritionist, will allow our team to elaborate the programme that best suits your needs. 

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Mallorca, the healthy island

Mallorca is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, which harbors two of the five Blue Zones of the world. The blue zones are used used to identify areas where people live measurably longer lives. 300 days of sunshine per year, an average temperature of 17ºC, and stunning mountains and sea landscapes make this island the perfect location for outdoor activities all the year round.

Palma, the capital has been elected the best place to live by The Sunday Times. Mediterranean lifestyle, healthy diet and regular physical activity, result in low rates of obesity and higher life expectancy between Mediterranean population. Several scientific studies claim Mediterranean lifestyle has multiple benefits for health preventing coronary heart disease, certain cancers and other chronic diseases (Willett et al. 1995, Chrysohoou et al. 2015, Ross et al. 2014, etc).


Location and venues

Mallorca, the so called “calm island” retains its genuine character and nature. The extensive natural territory of the island includes one national park, four natural parcs and a traditional well-preserved rural territory.

The mountains

The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range has been recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With more than 90km of mountains, lakes and charming villages, this is the paradise for hikers, photographers and nature lovers.

The seaside

The coast of Mallorca, 550km long, hosts over 200 pristine beaches. The warm, clear and full of live waters are a haven for swimmers, divers and water sports enthusiasts.


We have selected the most charming, authentic venues to complete your experience. All our hotels are placed in quiet and stunning locations and have 4 stars to secure your maximum comfort.


Your health is in you. You are the starting point from which, together, we will develop a bespoke programme according to your needs and objectives, comprising medical attention, diet, exercise and lectures.  

-2016 Available dates

-Expert coaches will run your activities, along four dimensions:



Health Through Food

It’s widely known that a proper diet, personal and adjusted to your own needs, provides many health benefits and helps to prevent various chronic diseases.

In Healthy Journey we are well aware of these benefits. That is why our aim is to guide you to find your very own path to the dietary programme that suit your health needs. You will discover, taste and practice your "health through food" by means of:



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Healthy activities

Our doctors and professional trainers design a personalized exercise programme according to your health needs and your objectives.

A pleasant climate and beautiful landscapes are perfect for outdoor sports as hiking, seaside walks or outdoor fitness.

With the help of your coach you will discover what activities are best for you to stay fit and healthy.

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Health and Rest

Have you ever imagined there are healthy ways to rest?

Now it is time for you to learn, how to improve the quality of your rest time for physical and mental health.

Getting the correct amount of quality sleep and rest is essential to your memory and also prevents for conditions like headaches, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The lack of sleep is commonly related with depression and anxiety.

A proper and scheduled rest programme, developed to suit your needs, may improve the quality of your rest providing physical and mental wellness.

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Lifestyle Choices

An important part of a healthy living depends on your lifestyle choices. Together we will discuss about some aspects and try to find out how to manage them in order to improve your happiness. Some of these aspects are:





Begin my Healthy Experience

Healthy Journey is a LaboLife's initiative

What does that mean? And who is Labo’Life?

Labo’Life is a small European pharmaceutical company, which believes (and knows) that Health is naturally within us and needs to be nurtured. Since 1992 Labo'Life has been producing Micro-Immunotherapy products. Our medicines try to help the immune system do what it does best, protect us. If you want to know more about Labo’Life check out our website.

But what we really want is for everyone to be naturally healthy so that they don’t need our medicines or any other drugs. We know that a world where most people are healthy is possible. Lifestyle choices, what we eat, what we do, who we are, all impact our unique body. We would like a world which keeps medication only for emergencies and misfortune. For many people, for most of us reading this page, there is no reason to have to rely on chemical health crutches.

You can be healthy.
You can enjoy life, you can find the meaning of life, you can be thankful for life. The first step is to understand what is good for you, and how to weave it into your habits so it becomes enjoyable.

That is why we have launched Healthy Journey, our way of being the change we want to see in the world.

A Healthy Journey week will offer you a full check up, to understand better how your body is ticking, what is good for it and what interferes with it. You will enjoy a personalised experience with health professionals, they will help you understand your wonderful and unique body and how to continue enjoying it.

Come for a week outside of time, where you will discover how to develop and keep healthy habits. We will strive to do our best so that you enjoy a very unique experience and uncover your full health potential, from within.

Welcome to Healthy Journey.


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